Blade Smith

Aidan came to the craft of knife making in 2014 via a love of cooking and has quickly gone on to become one of the most in-demand makers in his native Australia. When he began to explore the art of slow cooking it allowed him the time to reflect on how the tools we use affect our experience in the kitchen and also on the fact that the best things in life often take a little longer to produce. Remaining true to this ethos, each knife is handcrafted in his workshop over a period of three to five days. His blades are made from either stain resistant steel or high carbon steel and are combined with beautiful handles made from sustainable Australian hardwoods; each having been treated and sealed to ensure that they can withstand the most enthusiastic use. A single or set of knives, lovingly crafted in Melbourne, would make the perfect gift for professional chefs or the home cook in your life, they are designed to become kitchen heirlooms that will connect generations of craft lovers. Aidan has a basic set of four knives that will cover all of your kitchen needs but is also happy to work with clients to provide a bespoke knife that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Examples of Aidan Mckinnon’s work are shown below

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