aidan profile 

Designer and Artist

Alice is a Brussels based artist primarily working with textiles. Her work reflects a search for beauty and a desire to design products with surprising combinations of colour and form that reveal a novel joy in life, ultimately aiming to brighten everyday life. Growing up in a family of creatives, Alice has always had a love of art and textiles but at the age of 19 she formally studied at the KASK school of art in Ghent where she gained the technical skills to bring her designs to life. During this time she undertook an internship with the Berlin based fashion label C.Neeon and it was here that she resolved to make her dream of becoming an independent designer a reality. Although she has mainly focused on textile design, Alice has recently begun to explore different mediums to display her work. This has already included using her designs as the basis for postcards and labels for wine bottles in her own unique style. She also worked on art that became integral parts of buildings that add to the thriving artistic backdrop that is beautiful Brussels, and would like to do more of this in the future. In her commissions she collaborates to incorporate the ideas of others and the inspirations that come form the city and the variety of people who make it whilst infusing each design with her own unique sense of style. One of the consistent themes of her work is sustainable humanity. Alice puts a great deal of thought into what makes a garment ethical and concludes that this not only includes ensuring that each product makes the minimum impact on the environment that we all share but also that every person involved in the process of creating a product is treated with respect and fairness. With that in mind I will leave the last word to Alice herself who believes that “no-one is illegal”.

Examples of Alice Van Innis’s work are shown below