aidan profile 

Designer and Ceramicist

Alyssia Belloso is a Brussels based artist who creates beautiful hand-made ceramics. She studied Architecture and product design at the CAD in Brussels where she was given a small assignment on ceramics, it immediately felt like a good fit. During her work in furniture design she had found it impossible to ignore the inevitable waste that occurs when working with wood, but with clay, nothing is wasted or discarded. This is an ethos that runs through her work to this day, to leave the smallest possible environmental footprint. Following her studies, Alyssia travelled widely, not only absorbing the different visual influences but also getting to know and learning from ceramicists working in New Zealand and throughout south-east Asia This allowed her to learn a wide variety of techniques but also allowed her to discover the unique qualities of different clays. On her return to Brussels she established her own studio and has created a line of products, that for me, perfectly sums up the city. Using Belgian clay, Alyssia produces stunning works that incorporate the influences she has collected from all over the world to make something truly unique. In addition to selling her work locally and online she has started to give workshops in her Uccle studio. At present the space only allows for individual classes but it is her dream to create group classes in which students can share their discovery of the craft together. One of the things that is most striking in person is the passion that Alyssia has for sharing the joy she finds in making ceramics with others, like anyone acquainted with the process, she relishes that moment when she opens the kiln to discover how a particular glaze has turned out and wishes to share that moment with as many people as possible.

Examples of Alyssia Belloso’s work are shown below