aidan profile 


Arianna is a designer and illustrator who originally hails from Naples, Italy but now calls Antwerp home. She has been sketching and drawing her whole life but originally trained in fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples,graduating in 2015. After her studies she moved to Antwerp to gain experience in the fashion industry where she thrives on the innovative design scene that contrasts with the more classical Italian style of her training. Throughout her studies, her teachers often commented that her designs always contained elements of illustration and over the last year she has realized that this is where her passion lies. Since then she has begun to explore ways to use paintings not only to to get closer to her subjects but also to create products that have a daily function such as notebooks and diaries. Arianna began developing her craft skills whilst working with designer, Cedric Jaquemayn who taught her to love all types of handicraft: following that she has added her own personal style to the technical skills that she gained to produce a range of hand-made stationary. She is currently working on a series of notebooks using recycled materials such as reclaimed binding threads and paper, in doing so she creates entirely unique products that honour her commitment to encourage a return to a philosophy of slow production and sustainability. Arianna describes her works as the product of the feelings that come from closely observing people and often trying to catch a glimpse of the animal side that they keep well hidden. In her current project her portraits are mainly born from backstage shoots of fashion shows. This is a world that she says she is in equal part drawn to and alienated by, this is reflected in her portraits that capture the beauty and elegance of the fashion industry whilst hinting at the uglier aspects. Often she depicts imperfections such as dark eye circles or crooked teeth, which she feels reflects the truth behind the mask.

Examples of Arianna Razzano’s work are shown below