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Designer at Farrah Floyd

Bojana Drača almost didn’t become a fashion designer, despite studying textile design she felt alienated by the fleeting nature of fashion, a sentiment exacerbated by the explosion of ‘fast fashion’. She wanted to create things timeless objects that would not be considered disposable based on the whims of an ever more rapidly changing landscape in fashion. Having moved to Berlin in 2012, she completed a Masters degree in sustainable fashion from the University of Fashion ESMOD This allowed her to discover ways to make her work wearable without buying into the disposable culture that has dominated the textile industry over the last twenty years.
She is committed to using certified sustainable fabrics produced in Europe, this not only minimises the carbon footprint of her garments but also creates a wonderfully short supply line that gives customers confidence that there is no hidden environmental or social impact to their purchase. She also devised and perfected her own zero-waste method of pattern making in which she uses only rectangular pieces that are then fitted together to create unique garments in which nothing is discarded. Most importantly, her collections all aim to combine high quality materials and manufacture with an emotional attachment that ensures they are cherished and taken care of for years to come. Following her graduation, Bojana knew that she wanted to create her own label but wanted to create something larger than herself and looked for a name. She eventually opted for Farah Floyd, remembered from an interview with Liam Gallagher in his Oasis days and it is a perfect fit. For me it conjures up an image of a woman who isn’t dictated to by trends, has the intelligence to care about the environmental costs of her clothing and above all has a strong sense of personal style. Since establishing her brand in 2015 it has been featured in numerous magazines including Elle Belgique and Gloria Glam as well as featuring in an episode for Fashion One in their series focusing on Eco fashion. In 2018 she brought her brand to Brussels for a pop-up but like so many of us that arrive for a short spell she was charmed by the city and now has a concept store located in the most stylish part of town. In her first year she has become welcome addition to the neighbourhood stocking not only her own garments but clothes and accessories from up and coming European designers who share her ethos for sustainable practices in fashion. I can confirm from personal experience that she has been successful in her goal of creating a real connection between garments and their owners . When I discovered her 2019 collection, I immediately wanted to try every piece and while I liked all of them there were two pieces that had a strong emotional pull for me. The first was one that I tried on and immediately felt like I had been reunited with an old friend, it felt like it should have been mine forever and thus it came home with me that day. The second was more of a slow burner, it was a jacket that had caught my eye and I had tried along with everything else, in the next couple of weeks I found myself thinking about it often and actually worrying that it might have gone home with the wrong person. Happily, it was still waiting for me when I returned and I love it as much as the day I bought it.

Examples of Bojana Drača’s work are shown below