Clement Marquaire 


Clément is a Brussels based artist who creates jewellery under the name Geometrically Stuck. Originally from France, he graduated from the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Metz in 2005. His formal studies provided him with various techniques with which to express his creativity but in the end, it was a labour of love that led him to his passion. Unlike many of the jewellery makers that I speak to, as a child Clément did not have an interest in jewellery or an attraction to all things shiny. For him, this came when he was travelling in Northern India when he felt the desire to buy a piece of jewellery for his beloved. As he searched the local markets, he was attracted to the designs but started to notice there was such little variation that nothing felt quite special enough. This led him to roll up his sleeves and take part in a number of workshops for traditional silver jewellery, where of course he was able to make his own unique gift, but he also fell in love with the discipline which allowed him to channel his creativity in a very practical way.Having found the right medium for him, Clément still needed to find a way to focus his creative energy. He discovered this in Nepal where he trained with a Lama in the art of Tangkas and Tibetan Mandala. Through this painstakingly slow process he was able to find his quiet place and focus his creative energy.
When he returned to Europe, armed with his passion for jewellery making, he wanted to create a line that incorporated the influences he had gathered whilst travelling but that had a modern twist. To say that he managed this is an understatement, he trained himself in the use of a material called Precious Metal Clay (PMC) which is the closest thing to alchemy that I have ever encountered. Developed in Japan by the Mitsubishi company in the 1990’s, PMC is basically a clay that contains metal particles. It can be moulded into any shape and it is then fired at high temperatures which magically turns it in to the solid metal*. Clément only works with bronze, copper and silver which means you can be sure that each piece is free of lead and nickel. He then uses liver of sulphur to add a patina of his distinctive geometric designs before giving each piece a final polish. This creates a textured finish and the over-all effect is incredibly tactile. The end product has an extremely organic feel to it which is completely counter-intuitive to the material’s recent origins. As you can see below, his range includes bracelets, necklaces and rings and because they are crafted by hand each piece is completely unique making them the perfect gift for someone special. However, should you wish to follow in Clément’s romantic footsteps, he holds regular workshops in Brussels so you too can become a modern-day alchemist. In 2019, he plans to extend these workshops to further locations so keep an eye on our social media if you would like to find a workshop close to you.

*Okay, technically it is sintered at around 1000 degrees C but I prefer to think it is magic.


Examples of Clement Marquaire’s work are shown below