As a curator and collector of beautiful things I was immediately taken by Daniel Marbaix’s evocative images of abandoned buildings when they first appeared on social media. Over the past few years Daniel has infiltrated and captured a wide range of haunting images from buildings including hospitals, prisons, schools, churches and homes across Europe. His work is not only aesthetically arresting but leads the viewer to questions about who inhabited these buildings and the events that took place to leave so many intact. Daniel has travelled extensively across the UK, mainland Europe and the USA, defying no entry signs and the authorities at every turn to produce these beautiful pictures. As a multi-disciplined artist, Daniels is also fledgling tattoo artist and is currently embarking on first-time fatherhood but here at all of the beautiful things we can provide you with prints of his unforgettable work starting at £750 unframed.

Examples of Dan Marbaix’ work are shown below