Eve is a French born artist who trained and works in Brussels. She gained her masters degree in Ceramics and went on to undertake a number of teaching posts in and around Brussels before deciding to work exclusively in clay porcelain. She describes working in this medium as a dialogue between the maker and the material and has gone on to set up her own studio, Porcepolis, for people who would like to experience this for themselves.   There are many themes running through her work including, regeneration and our relationship with disposable objects. On viewing her work I was most struck by the variety of her pieces that all make use of unexpected textures and often have a feel of the macabre about them. One of the things I like the most about Eve’s work is the fact that her work is very functional as opposed to decorative meaning that the dialogue that is started in the formation of her works continues between the piece and it’s owner.

Examples of Eve Vaucheret’s work are shown below