Cordwainer (Shoemaker)

Jess creates stunning leather goods and footwear with a focus on the bespoke service. His love of leatherwork runs in his blood, having inherited his first set of tools from his late father, Ross Wooten at the age of seven. He is largely self-taught but formally studied shoe making at RMIT in Melbourne. At the same time as studying he purchased an existing business, which allowed him to hone his skills on the job as well as learning from Peter Cordwell, the previous owner. He firmly believes that the human and ethical aspect of the objects we surround ourselves with is often overlooked and that as a craftsman he plays a role in bringing that to peoples attention. This is an ethos that informs all that we do at All of the Beautiful Things and it is evident throughout Jess’s work. He takes his inspiration from the environment and the specific needs that it produces for example he created the Gordon boot to withstand the daily demands his wife faces living in the country town of Gordon, Victoria. He also ensures that he utilizes Australian materials, sourcing the leather for his boots and bags from the last tannery in Victoria, found in Ballarat. He enjoys testing the capabilities of new materials as shown by the bespoke whisky glass holders he produced for Denver and Leily which came about when he was experimenting with kangaroo leather and how it responds to wet-moulding. One of his favourite aspects of the creative process is problem solving with regards to specific requirements for footwear such as getting the right fit and creating the perfect pattern, so if you are looking for a truly unique product get in touch.

Examples of Jess Wootten’s work are shown below