Joanne is an artist who specializes in slip cast porcelain and bone china ceramics. She creates slip casts that mirror the organic fluidity of the casting material to produce unique functional and sculptural objects that call out to be touched. Joanne discovered her passion for art whilst at secondary school where she would spend every spare minute experimenting in the ceramics studio and discovered the thrill of opening the kiln door, something that persists to this day. From there she went onto formally study sculpture in Australia and Europe before working as a professional artist. Growing up in the countryside of Victoria, the Australian bush has been a constant influence on her work, not least in her current project. Her elderly father has created a stunning garden on the site of the family’s former orchard and over the last two years Joanne has produced a series of stunning pencil and ink drawings that showcase the variety of native and exotic species. She has made these available in a number of different forms such as editioned prints and bone china/porcelain pendants but the most striking use is how she has married these images with her sculptural ceramics in the form of decal transfers. Currently she is exploring the bush for fresh inspiration and coming up with new ways to present her designs. She regularly posts her new designs on Instagram so take a look at her account for inspiration.

Examples of Joanne Linsdell’s work are shown below