When I met Sarah I immediately thought of kintsukuroi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold to create something that is more beautiful for having been broken in the first place. After working in IT, Sarah found herself facing a long recovery  from an accident in 2004. Whilst still in bandages, she decided to set herself the additional challenge of completing a foundation in art and design. The next two years were spent exploring the different disciplines, learning from inspirational tutors and healing. It was a journey that eventually led her to ceramics and to complete her BA in Ceramic design at UAL Central St. Martins. Since graduating in 2013, she has taken her first-hand experience of the sense of peace and harmony that making can bring to other areas of life and has started designing and delivering workshops to help other people to tap into the meditative benefits that come with creating in this medium; Something that is often overlooked in todays busy society

Examples of Sarah Core’s work are shown below