Shetland Lace

Shetland lace is a style of knitting practiced in the isles for generations. Given the isolated and exposed location of the islands, the native sheep have evolved soft wool of finest quality that belies their hardy nature. Sheila Fowlie grew up on an isolated croft on the islands and was taught the art of Shetland lacemaking by her grandmother before she was old enough to attend school. More than 40 years later, Sheila’s love of knitting continues and she, like us at all of the beautiful things, she feels passionately about preserving the integrity of this traditional craft. Although imitations are available, the quality of wool used in authentic Shetland lace produces a knit so fine that the finished garment can be passed through a wedding ring. Working from classic Shetland patterns and her own designs, Sheila produces items including christening shawls, bridal veils and distinctive alternatives to the ubiquitous pashmina. Prices are dependent on the size and complexity of the garments requested. When ordering it is important to remember that hundreds of hours can be required for a single piece but with appropriate care these garments will provide a beautiful heirloom for generations to come.

Examples of Sheila Fowlie’s work are shown below